An ‘On Your Face’ Encounter with God: Love through a Shooting Star

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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Revelation 12:11 (NKJV)


As with seemingly all of the supernatural encounters (in the natural) I’ve had with the Lord, it wasn’t until years later that I was able to have the discernment to only begin to understand the meaning. This one of course was no different:

To the best my memory serves me, I believe this story took place some time in the summer of 2017. At this point in my life I was still in Long Island, enduring the persecution set for me in my Walk. Though I am currently a firm believer in Biblical Cosmology, flat earth, etc., I was far from such an understanding back then; still holding very simple secular world-perspectives.

This experience is just one of many reasons (once able to put the pieces together years later) why I’m so convinced of the beliefs I have:  

I was taking a walk one night (being lucky enough to juggle being able to leave the house, due to the relentless break-ins); of course being surrounded by the covert vehicular persecution which has over-run and completely occupied the area [#gangstalking #targetedindividuals].

I was wandering across an open field, which stands as a large side lawn for a public school — equipped with soccer and baseball fields, etc. 

It was a clear night that night. I was pondering the simple proof-existence of God; a logic I was forming at that moment which I never seemed to be able to conclude before I was Saved. My attention was on the star constellations —specifically Orion.

I pondered how perfectly aligned Orion’s Belt is through its three stars, and said in my heart, “That’s no coincidence“, as if the very nihilistic beliefs the world sells us — being forced to ponder God’s very existence through a foundation based off randomness — suddenly became so preposterous to me.

Not even the millisecond after I finished my thought (I can not stress enough — it was literally THAT instantaneous) a HUGE shooting star streaked across the night sky as the Holy Spirit said in my spirit, “I love you”. The star seemed so close, travelling so far and so fast I believe it surpassed even my peripheral vision!

To be honest, my reaction was a “Oh @#$%!” in pure amazement.

I continued walking, trembling. Some of my persecutors began raging their engines around me (a tactic meant to induce stress and anxiety during a key strategic time, whether relevant or not). 

As I of course sought the Holy Spirit’s council, He ministered to me, kindly warning me reminding me of the scriptures found in Matthew 13:16-17 and Luke 10:23-24.

I continued wandering around seeking the Lord’s council and comfort because my spirit was trembling so much. It was a struggle to get around… I’m ashamed to say, all I kept saying to my self trembling was, “Holy @#$%, holy @#$%“. It truly was an ‘on your face’ encounter, if one could conceive.

I had no idea what this all meant, I began having rampant dreadful thoughts of future failure, stuff like that. The only concluding comfort the Lord gave me was a reminder of one of the reasons why I love Him so much (see 1 Corinthians 1:27-29, one of my favorite scriptures), leaving me with the thought how He uses whats good for bad (more specifically, what’s by the norm considered ungodly He uses for a godly purpose), and left me the conclusion, I love you

As said before, it took me years to begin to comprehend what this encounter meant; or at least to best of my biblical assumption. 

Of course in order for me to gain the confidence in my current assumption, I had to go through trenches of following false doctrines, getting deceived, and even denying the Lord Jesus’ Lordship Himself!!

During this time of ignorance in my Walk, I followed — with good personal reason — the UFO trail; unknowingly eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: spiritual Ascension doctrines, opening your third eye, divination, etc. It should be noted, I never embarked or embraced anything evil, witchcraft, or anything like that. Only things meant to better myself for healthy gain (after all, it is called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil for a reason). 

To get to the point, during this time in my Walk, I stumbled upon a particular testimony of someone who is highly influential in the UFO Exposure movement (which of course I currently do no support, and believe with all my heart is an endless rabbit hole psyop [possibly CIA], mixing these deceptions with love for Jesus; designed to keep countless from the actual truth of our Bibles and of Christ’s redemptive work at the cross — classic Satanic deception tactic across the board — as all UFO and alien activity is indeed demonic and not of God).

Anyway, I remember stumbling upon this particular person’s testimony, telling a story how he felt the Universe calling to him in his early years. He said he went outside one night, raised his hands in the air and said “(God) I hear you!”. At that very moment he claimed a shooting star streaked across the sky before him. 

The man is well known with connections to hard-core alien contactees, and all sorts of stuff any one who knows their Bibles knows is of fallen dark powers and principalities of this world.

It wasn’t until after I crawled out of the deceptive black hole I found myself sucked into, going back to my Bible and starting from scratch with the rock of Jesus in my heart, that I eventually, through my past mistakes, was able to discern the belief’s in Biblical Cosmology that I have today; with confirmations through the Holy Spirit telling me “you do have the answers”, one night as I truly began putting all the pieces together in my head; still back in long Island about a year ago.

Getting to the point:

Biblical Cosmology through books like Revelation (Book of Enoch providing more astounding detail, insight and even answers) tells us the stars we see in the sky are actually angels.

As we understand flat earth Biblical Cosmology, one can’t help but notice the prophecies and biblical stories begin to make more sense and become absolutely realistic and feasible.

The Book of Enoch tells us the stars in the sky are angels, both good and bad, awaiting Judgement Day. The Bible of course completely backs this up and begins to make more sense, when we read key scriptures like Isaiah 34:4, Joel 2:30, Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:25, Revelation 6:13-14.

After the stars fall from the sky as the Bible tells us, one of these prophesied events will usher in the Great Tribulation; when the worst of heathen in all their unveiled form will be reeking murderous havoc on the earth. In my recent studies, it can be understood that THE antichrist will also likely be a Fallen Angel disguised as a human (as the days of Genesis 6)…

It’s not too hard to see how these pieces place together, as many throughout the Body of Christ already know they are called to walk in the Great Tribulation as warriors for the Gospel (144k, etc.).

Do to other experiences I’ve had during my Walk, I can confidently believe this is the source meaning of the experience I had with the shooting star.

What exactly are shooting stars? At least in my studies I have not found that specific answer…

Thank you for reading, and giving me your time. I pray this serves as an edification, a faith booster, and a discernment tool for the truth of our cosmology, which the scriptures so consistently depict.

God bless you. Thanks again for your time!

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