ACTUAL VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE BIBLE’S BOTTOMLESS PIT?: The Book of Enoch Confirms | Flat Earth Model Verified


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The below video shows rare footage — scarcely found on the internet among Hollow Earth theorists — of a Polar Vortex reportedly residing at Earth’s North Pole. While this clip remains to be but a mere speculative CGI hoax, it seems this rare footage has simply fallen into the lap of the wrong Conspiracy Theorists community within the shadows of the internet. What is shown here in the below video, astoundingly matches biblical cosmological beliefs and what is depicted in other sacred texts such as the Book of Enoch; thus not only seemingly proving the validity of this rare misconceived footage, but also turning the tables as solid evidence of Hebraic and Christian cosmological thought — specifically applying to the Biblical Flat Earth Model.

—Could this be actual footage of the Bible’s Bottomless Pit (aka Abyss, Deep, Sheol, as found in our scriptures)? The answer truly seems to be an inevitable ‘yes’!

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For those with eyes to see: note how the video clocks in at 2:27.

11. And I saw a deep abyss, with columns ⌈⌈of heavenly fire, and among them I saw columns⌉⌉ of fire fall, which were beyond measure alike towards the height and towards the depth.
12. And beyond that abyss I saw a place which had no firmament of the heaven above, and no firmly founded earth beneath it: there was no water upon it, and no birds, but it was a waste and horrible place. 

Enoch 18:11-12 (RH Charles)

7. And from thence I went to another place, which was still more horrible than the former, and I saw a horrible thing: a great fire there which burnt and blazed, and the place was cleft as far as the abyss, being full of great descending columns of fire: neither its extent or magnitude could I see, nor could I conjecture.
8. Then I said: ‘How fearful is the place and how terrible to look upon!’
9. Then Uriel answered me, one of the holy angels who was with me, and said unto me: ‘Enoch, why hast thou such fear and affright?’ And I answered: ‘Because of this fearful place, and because of the spectacle of the pain.’
10. And he said ⌈⌈unto me⌉⌉: ‘This place is the prison of the angels, and here they will be imprisoned for ever.’

Enoch 21:7-10 (RH Charles)

If one is not familiar with this topic within our Bibles, you can easily start worlds of investigations through simple topic searches using terms such as Abyss, Deep, Sheol, and even Destruction in sights such as Blue Letter Bible.

Sheol is naked before Him,
And Destruction has no covering.

Job 26:6 (NKJV)

I also highly recommend this study found on the internet, A Survey of the Abyss in the Old and New Testamentas we see the dots so clearly connect — indeed almost inevitably proving the validity of this rare footage — to what is most specifically described above in the Book of Enoch.

If one is not familiar and yet is open to biblical cosmological thought, such as Flat Earth, I highly recommend these in-depth proof-studies I’ve done personally; complete with video evidence and full scriptural backings:

Studies in Biblical Cosmology | Flat Earth
Studies in the Book of Enoch

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Lastly, we find another astounding piece of supporting evidence in the book The Chronicles of Jerahmeel. Though this text is not considered scripture and is rooted through the lens of biblical fables, still, let the content in this specific instance speak for itself: 

…the north corner of the world He created, but did not complete, for He said: Whoever declares himself to be God, let him come and finish this corner which I have left, and then shall all know that he is God. There the demons, earthquakes, evil spirits, and Shiddim dwell, and from there they come forth to the world, as it is said, ‘Out of the north evil shall break forth‘ (Jeremiah 1:14)

The Chronicles of Jerahmeel: Creation of the World; Chapter 7

Interestingly enough, what we find here in this excerpt can absolutely be backed up by scripture, as it also gives astounding insight into God’s convicting purpose for the Bottomless Pit unspoken of in our Bibles and other sacred texts; which thus we must therefore take seriously. In addition, this key excerpt gives invaluable insight into End Time Prophecy regarding the North; as most would assume it may refer to a specific country in such instances like Jeremiah 1:14, but considering the Biblical Flat Earth Model, all the pieces being put together here can begin to make perfect sense.  

Of course we see a blatant reflection of Revelation 9:1-12 in the above passage, but if one is not yet fully convinced, I invite you into this mere rabbit-hole with the sole understanding that Joel 2’s Army will be of Nephilim origins to come forth out of the Abyss in the Last Days.

Here’s the quick summary:

Note how Jeremiah 1:13-16 refers to Joel 2‘s Army. Also note Isaiah 13. Septuagint translation reveals “mighty ones” in Isaiah 13:3 to be more properly discerned in this instance as giants/nephilim. Also take note Ezekiel 7:24 and Matthew 12:22-30. Again, this is but a mere rabbit hole to help show the contents of the above quote.

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Another interesting source is found in the Book of the Bee, in the chapter, Of Gog and Magog, Who Are Imprisoned in the North. Though the text seems to convey a loose fablistic-type of interpretation of a prison that can assuredly be discerned as the Bottomless Pit, through the confirmations of the above scriptural content, what’s depicted in the Book of the Bee, can be confidently validated as yet another confirming witness of lost ancient truth — for those with the ears to hear!

It’s amazing how this source blatantly connects Gog and Magog with the Joel 2 Army (which of course can be discerned through a dimension of the scriptures)

This is the gate of the world on the north, and there is no other entrance or exit from the confines of the world from the east to the north.

Book of the Bee: Of Gog and Magog, Who Are Imprisoned in the North

This article is highly recommended for those having eyes to see:

The Prophetic Implications of Psalm 1 of the Psalms of Solomon (Future Bible Prophecy No One is Talking About)

I sincerely thank the readers for taking the time to read and consider this vital information, inevitably proving the truth of our Bible’s in ways less-known to many, if any.

I pray this article serves as a blessing and edification to the living active Body of Christ and beyond. Thank you again. God bless you!


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