The Angelic Seed of Noah (Untold Biblical Stories: Episode 1)

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The first episode of “Untold Biblical Stories“, exploring claims found within the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Enoch and other texts, regarding the new angelic seed line of Noah, and the strange appearance he possessed at birth.

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Episode update:

Another obscure confirmation can be found within the Apocalypse of Adam (see closing verses in bold):

Then God will rest from his wrath. And he will cast his power upon the waters, and he will give power to his sons and their wives by means of the ark along with the animals, whichever he pleased, and the birds of heaven, which he called and released upon the earth. And God will say to Noah – whom the generations will call ‘Deucalion’ – “Behold, I have protected in the ark, along with your wife and your sons and their wives and their animals and the birds of heaven, which you called and released upon the earth. Therefore I will give the earth to you – you and your sons. In kingly fashion you will rule over it – you and your sons. And no seed will come from you of the men who will not stand in my presence in another glory.” Then they will become as the cloud of the great light. Those men will come who have been cast forth from the knowledge of the great aeons and the angels.

This story is also more blatantly confirmed in the early handful of chapters within the Writings of Abraham!:

“And when Noah was born, his body was full of light, which thing caused great consternation to his father and mother and his father’s wives and children and all his house.”


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