Gang Stalking Tactics Exposed: Induced Stress | Supernatural Surveillance

In this video, a classic Gang Stalking tactic is exposed. —For those who have eyes to see, please let them see.

In the featured clip, we see just one mere attack of what is commonly an onslaught — year after year — of induced stressed, and even a brainwashing technique into self condemnation; aimed to slowly reduce self-esteem as the body slowly breaks down. Clearly, as one can see, the narrator stands as a resulted living example from such a campaign “Targeted Individuals” are forced to endure.

Please meditate on what is being presented here. This is truth.

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Let us pray — in Jesus’ name — this information reaches those who need it; letting what is in the darkness be brought to the light. May it lead whomever crosses this information to the only truth of the Cross and Gospel of Salvation through Christ Jesus. Please bless this work Father to glorify your goodness, strength, and faithfulness. In Jesus name, we pray — Amen.

For “Targeted Individuals” and Victims of “Gang Stalking”

Gang Stalking Tactics

ABC’s of Salvation

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