Supernatural Proof of God’s Sovereign Gracious Hand (Watch and Be Amazed!)

One of the biggest Planned Parenthoods in the Northeast will be redeemed! Do you believe?

Do you believe God speaks to us in diverse ways, all the time; if only we had the eyes to see, and the faith to believe? May the below video persuade you!

Here in downtown New York City, at Bleeker Street and Mott Street — currently hailed as Margaret Sanger Square — one of the biggest and most prominent Planned Parenthoods seem to reveal God’s heart on the abortion issue through uncoincidental and supernatural means. Watch and be amazed!:

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Of course it is no coincidence what we see when we look at the address in the Strongs, just so happens to be the exact opposite of what Planned Parenthood stands for! Of course this is a sign of redemption for those, by faith, who have the eyes to see! Whether this be for our immediate current time, the near coming Millennial Reign, or perhaps set aside for an even latter time after the White Throne Judgement; I truly believe this will come to pass in one way or another.

11 Rescue those being led away to death, and restrain those stumbling toward the slaughter.
12 If you say, “Behold, we did not know about this,” does not He who weighs hearts consider it? Does not the One who guards your life know? Will He not repay a man according to his deeds?

Proverbs 24:11-12 (BSB)

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