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[It is always the general rule of thumb to pray and seek the face of Yahuah for one’s self, and let the Spirit lead and guide you into all truth (John 16:13-15).]

And David, son of Jesse, was wise, and brilliant like the light of the sun, (he was) a scribe, intelligent and perfect in all his ways before Yahuah and men.
YHWH gave him an intelligent and brilliant spirit, and he wrote 3,600 psalms and 364 songs to sing before the altar for the daily perpetual sacrifice, for all the days of the year; and 52 songs for the Sabbath offerings; and 30 songs for the New Moons, for Feast-days and for the Day of Atonement.
In all, the songs which he uttered were 446, and 4 songs to make music on behalf of those stricken (by evil spirits).
In all, they were 4,050.
All these he uttered through prophecy which was given him from before the Most High.
—Apocryphal Psalms (Dead Sea Scrolls 11QPsa=11Q5, 4Q88)

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Unveiled for the first time — collectively translated and organized! — these psalms have been unknowingly hid as mere hymns in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • Modern English Translation
  • Restored Sacred Names (to the best of ability)
  • Highly Fragmented Text Reconstructed (when contextually possible)
  • All Reconstructions and Additions Biblically Explained
  • Biblical Study Cross-References (when necessary)

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Reasoning Behind the Numerical Ordering

The numbering of these psalms of course should not be accounted as per se “official”. Following suit with the commonly known apocryphal Psalms 151-160; these psalms also plucked from the Dead Sea Scrolls, have different numbering depending on the original source you refer to (e.g. Psalms 151-155 being canonized in the Syriac, are not necessarily numbered as the same psalms when referring to the commonly accepted collective of Psalms 151-160). For the sake of simple clarity, continuing on in the Psalm 161 chronological general collective seems to be the only obvious step to move forward in, in an all-sincere attempt to rightfully divide, preserve, and freely share what is obviously Yahuah’s Inspired written Word. 

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Psalm 185

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