Psalm 168 (Lost Psalm of David)

[It is always the general rule of thumb not to solely take the author’s word throughout these studies, but to pray and seek the face of Yahuah for one’s self, and let the Spirit lead you into all truth (John 16:13-15).]

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Reasoning Behind the Numerical Ordering
The numbering of these psalms of course should not be accounted as per se “official”. Following suit with the commonly known apocryphal Psalms 151-160; these psalms also plucked from the Dead Sea Scrolls, have different numbering depending on the original source you refer to (e.g. Psalms 151-155 being canonized in the Syriac, are not necessarily numbered as the same psalms when referring to the commonly accepted collective of Psalms 151-160). For the sake of simple clarity, continuing on in the Psalm 161 chronological general collective seems to be the only obvious step to move forward in, in an all-sincere attempt to rightfully divide, preserve, and freely share what is obviously Yahuah’s Inspired written Word. 

Originally Recovered from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hymns of Thanksgiving (1QHa, 1Q35, 4Q427-432):

This translation has been derived from:

Hymn 5: “Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English”
Hymn 7: “A New Translation”
Hymn 8: “Qumran Psalter”

Psalm 168

  1. I thank You, O Yahuah,
    as befits the greatness of Your power,
    and the multitude of Your wonders for ever and ever.
  2. You are a merciful Elohiym and rich in mercies;
    pardoning those who repent of their sin,
    and visiting the iniquity of the wicked.
  3. You delight in the free-will offering of the righteous,
    but iniquity You hate for ever.
  4. You have favored me, Your servant,
    with a spirit of knowledge,
    that I may choose truth and goodness,
    and loathe all the ways of iniquity.
  5. I have loved You freely, and with all my heart I bless You;
    contemplating the mysteries of Your wisdom,
    I have sought You.
  6. For this gift has come from Your hand,
    and nothing is done without Your will.
  7. […] thus flesh shall rule […] and You will multiply
    […] him and You build […] with help […]
    […] the firmament upon the wings of the spirit […]
  8. *Estimated 11 verses missing.

  9. […] through the fountain of Your might
    You have cased me about in insight […]
    […] Your wonderous works […]
  10. What oblation can we offer for what You have completed for us?
  11. For You have rewarded us and […] done wonders;
    [yet as for the wicked] they are not able to understand,
    nor to know the wielding power of Your glory. 
  12. […] and to declare Your wonders
    […] for eternity;
  13. for they will praise You according to their insight,
    and according to their knowledge in Your glory.
  14. You opened their mouth
    to praise Your name without ceasing.
  15. From the ends of age-to-age they shall proclaim;
    and from the seasons of appointed times,
    they shall bless You aloud.
  16. […]
  17. […] we have been Called together;
    and with those who have knowledge,
    we have been instructed by You.
  18. And we sing out for joy
    because of the abundance of Your mercies
    —loudly, with Your Exalted (mighty) Ones!
  19. And we will wondrously declare together
    in the knowledge of Yahuah […]
    in the Congregation of Your Holy Ones.
  20. And our offspring You have allowed to know
    with the sons of men;
    in the midst of the the sons of Adam.
  21. […] because […] great wonder […]

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Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English:
A New Translation:
Qumran Psalter:

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PDF: Book of Elijah the Prophet

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Lost Psalms of David and Beyond | Directory Index

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