Psalm 171 (Lost Psalm of David)

[It is always the general rule of thumb not to solely take the author’s word throughout these studies, but to pray and seek the face of Yahuah for one’s self, and let the Spirit lead you into all truth (John 16:13-15).]

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Reasoning Behind the Numerical Ordering
The numbering of these psalms of course should not be accounted as per se “official”. Following suit with the commonly known apocryphal Psalms 151-160; these psalms also plucked from the Dead Sea Scrolls, have different numbering depending on the original source you refer to (e.g. Psalms 151-155 being canonized in the Syriac, are not necessarily numbered as the same psalms when referring to the commonly accepted collective of Psalms 151-160). For the sake of simple clarity, continuing on in the Psalm 161 chronological general collective seems to be the only obvious step to move forward in, in an all-sincere attempt to rightfully divide, preserve, and freely share what is obviously Yahuah’s Inspired written Word. 

Originally Recovered from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hymns of Thanksgiving (1QHa, 1Q35, 4Q427-432):

This translation has been derived from:

Hymn  6, X: “Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English”
Hymn 10: “A New Translation”
Hymn 11: “Qumran Psalter”

Psalm 172

  1. Blessed are You, O Yahuah,
    because You made straight in my heart
    all the works of injustice;
    and You purified me from my transgression.
  2. You placed guardians of truth
    in conjunction with my need;
    and the chastisements of righteousness
    was upon all the violent ones
    […] for the wound of his blow.
  3. You placed strong comforters,
    and proclaimers of joyous judgement
    for my grievous sorrow;
  4. Proclaiming peace for all the witnessed destruction,
    […] strong ones for the melting of my heart,
    and those who encourage me in the face of affliction.
  5. You laid a reply upon the cry of my uncircumcised lips;
    upholding my soul; strengthening my loins,
    and restoring my power.
  6. You established my steps in the domain of ungodliness:
    I have been a snare to those who rebel,
    but healing to those of whom who repent;
  7. Prudence to the simple,
    and steadfastness to the reckless and fearful of heart.
  8. You appointed me as an object of shame, mockery, and derision
    to the faithless;
    but a fountain of truth and understanding
    to the upright of the Way. 
  9. I have become iniquity for the wicked;
    ill-repute on the lips of the fierce;
    a gnashing of teeth to scoffers.
  10. I have become a taunt-song for the rebellious,
    and the Assembly of the Wicked has raged against me: 
    they roar like a gale on the seas,
    and their towering waves cast up mire and mud.
  11. But to the Elect and righteous
    You have made me a banner,
    and a discerning interpreter of wonderful mysteries;
    to try those who walk in truth,
    and to test the lovers of correction.
  12. To the interpreters of error I have been an opponent
    but a man of peace to all those who see true things.
  13. To those who seek smooth things,
    I have become a spirit of zeal.
  14. Like the sound of the roaring of many waters,
    so have all the deceivers thundered against me
    —all their thoughts are as the plots of Belial!
  15. They have cast towards the Pit the life of the man
    whose mouth You have confirmed,
  16. And into whose heart
    You have put teaching and understanding,
    that he might open a spring of knowledge
    to all men of insight.
  17. Lo, they have exchanged them for lips of uncircumcision,
    and for the foreign tongue;
    into a people without understanding,
    that they might come to ruin in their straying.

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Direct Sources of this Translation:

Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English:
A New Translation:
Qumran Psalter:

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Lost Psalms of David and Beyond | Directory Index

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