Psalm 179 (Lost Psalm of David)

[It is always the general rule of thumb not to solely take the author’s word throughout these studies, but to pray and seek the face of Yahuah for one’s self, and let the Spirit lead you into all truth (John 16:13-15).]

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Reasoning Behind the Numerical Ordering
The numbering of these psalms of course should not be accounted as per se “official”. Following suit with the commonly known apocryphal Psalms 151-160; these psalms also plucked from the Dead Sea Scrolls, have different numbering depending on the original source you refer to (e.g. Psalms 151-155 being canonized in the Syriac, are not necessarily numbered as the same psalms when referring to the commonly accepted collective of Psalms 151-160). For the sake of simple clarity, continuing on in the Psalm 161 chronological general collective seems to be the only obvious step to move forward in, in an all-sincere attempt to rightfully divide, preserve, and freely share what is obviously Yahuah’s Inspired written Word. 

Originally Recovered from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hymns of Thanksgiving (1QHa, 1Q35, 4Q427-432):

This translation has been derived from:

Hymn  14 (formerly 9 and 10): “Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English”
Hymns 18 and 19: “A New Translation”
Hymn 18: “Qumran Psalter”

Psalm 179

  1. Blessed are You, O Yahuah,
    for You have not abandoned the fatherless,
    nor despised the wretched.
  2. For Your might is boundless,
    and Your glory beyond measure
    — Your ministers are wondrous warriors.
  3. A humbled people are in the mire under Your feet,
    whom have heedlessly swept away Your footprints.
  4. Yet Your miracles abode
    with them who were yet heedless of righteousness;
    to bring them up from out of the desolation,
    together with all the poor who are beloved,
    yet would not pay You heed, lacking mercy.
  5. As for me, I have become […] for strife,
    and contention to my brethren;
    jealousy and anger to those who enter covenant with me
    — a grumbling and complaining
    to all who are my Assembled Ones.
  6. Even those who eat of my bread
    have lifted their heel against me.
  7. And those joined to my Council
    have defamed and mocked me with unjust lips.
  8. The members of my Council rebel
    and grumble round about me:
  9. They have gone as talebearers
    before the Children of Destruction,
    concerning the mystery which You have hidden within me.
  10. For because You have exalted Yourself in me
    — and for the sake of their guilt —
    You have hidden in me the spring of understanding,
    and the counsel of truth.
  11. But they devise only the ruination of their heart;
    for with the schemes of Belial,
    they unsheathe a deceitful tongue
    — ever springing the poison of dragons.
  12. Like serpents which creep in the dust,
    they lie in wait releasing poisonous darts
    — viper’s venom against which there is no charm!
  13. For this has brought an incurable pain,
    a malignant scourge within the bowels of Your servant;
    causing my spirit to stumble and faint;
    draining its strength so that I might not stand firm.
  14. They have overtaken me in a straight without refuge,
    and there is no [rest for me in my trial].
  15. They intone their dispute against me on the lyre,
    and murmuring and storming upon a zither
    — together with ruin and desolation.
  16. Anguish seizes me
    like the pangs of a woman in travail.
  17. My heart is troubled within me:
    — I am clothed in blackness,
    and my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth;
  18. For I am surrounded by the desires of their heart,
    as their inclination towards evil appears to me as bitterness.
  19. — The light of my face is dimmed to darkness,
    and my majesty is turned to decay!
  20. For You, O Yahuah, did widen my heart,
    but they straighten it with affliction,
    and hedge me about that I be shut up in darkness;
    that I’d be to I eat the bread of groaning,
    and drink unceasing tears.
  21. Truly, my eyes are dimmed by grief
    and my soul by the bitterness of the day.
  22. Grief and misery encompass me,
    and shame is over my face.
  23. My bread has turned into an adversary,
    and my drink into an accuser of contention;
  24. And it enters into my bones causing my spirit to stagger,
    and my strength to fail.
  25. According to the mysteries of sin,
    they change the works of Yahuah by their transgression.
  26. Truly, I am bound with ropes that can not be loosed;
    with fetters that can not be broken.
  27. A thick wall fences me in;
    iron bars and gates of bronze that can not be opened;
  28. My prison is counted with the Abyss
    as being without escape.
  29. […]
  30. The torrents of Belial have compassed my soul,
    leaving me without deliverance.
  31. [*estimated 3 verses missing]
  32. […] Your servant […]
  33. My heart is in contempt in my mouth […],
    and an unfathomable disaster without bounds;
    destruction without numbering […]
  34. But You, O my Elohiym,
    have unstopped my ears
    to the correction of those who reprove with righteousness.
  35. […]
  36. For You have saved me from the Congregation of Vanity,
    and from the Assembly of Violence;
  37. And brought me into the Council of Your Holiness
    — purifying me of guilt.
  38. I know there is hope for those who turn from transgression,
    and for those who abandon sin […]
    and walk continuously in the Way of Your heart without deceit.
  39. For I am comforted despite the tumult of people,
    and the clamor of kingdoms,
    when they gather themselves together;
  40. For I know You will soon raise up survivors among Your people,
    and a remnant within Your inheritance.
  41. You shall purify and cleanse them of their sin
    — for all their deeds are in Your truth;
  42. And in Your mercies and great lovingkindness You will judge them
    with abundant compassion and bountiful forgiveness,
    teaching them according to Your word.
  43. For You will establish them in Your Council,
    — for Your glory —
    according to the uprightness of Your truth.
  44. You will do this for Your own sake,
    to magnify Your Torah and Truth;
    to make one the members of your Council among the sons of Adam.
  45. So they might recount Your marvels
    — for everlasting generations —
    and meditate unceasingly upon Your mighty deeds.
  46. For all the nations shall acknowledge Your truth,
    and all the people Your glory. 
  47. You will bring the secret of Your truth and glory
    to all the men of Your Council;
    to those who share a common lot with the Yachad,
    with the Angels of the Face of Presence.
  48. And among them shall be no mediator to invoke You
    nor a messenger to make reply;
    for You shall bring back its fruits,
    as all Your council stems from Your mouth.
  49. They shall reply according to Your glorious word,
    and shall be Your princes in the company of the Yachad.
  50. Your Council shall bud forth a blossoming of everlasting,
    as the splendor of a flower of the fields;
    and shall cause a shoot to grow
    into the boughs of an eternal planting.
  51. It shall cover the whole earth with its shadow,
    and its crown will be onto the clouds;
    its roots shall go down to the depths.
  52. All the rivers of Eden will water its high branches
    — becoming waters unfathomable;
    streaming over the world without end,
    and until Sheol beneath.
  53. A spring of light shall become an eternal ever-flowing fountain
    — which cannot turn aside —
    for in the sparks of its flames the Sons of Iniquity shall be consumed;
    and the sparks become a burning fire
    to devour all the sinful men to utter destruction.
  54. They who bore the yoke of my testimony
    have been led astray by teachers of lies
    — to bring a stranger into the service of righteousness.
  55. Whereas You, O Yahuah Elohai, did command them
    to gain profit from their ways,
    by walking in the Way of holiness;
  56.  Where no man passes over who is uncircumcised
    — or unclean, or violent.
  57. For they have staggered aside from the Way of Your heart,
    and stumble in great wretchedness.
  58. A counsel of Belial is with their heart.
  59. For they have established a wicked design,
    and in accordance, they will wallow evermore in their own guilt. 
  60. And I, I have become as a sailor in a ship amid furious seas;
    their waves and all their billows roar against me.
  61. There is no calm in the whirlwind
    that I may restore my soul;
    no path that I may straighten my way
    on the face of the waters.
  62. The depth roars at my groaning,
    as my soul has approaches the gates of death.
  63. But I shall be as one who enters a fortified city,
    as one who seeks refuge behind a high wall,
    until deliverance comes.
  64. I rejoice and lean on Your truth, O Yahuah Elohai,
    for You will set the foundation on rock,
    and beams of framework by the plumb-line of truth and justice;
  65. And the tried stones You will lay
    by the measuring-line of truth,
    to build a mighty tower which shall not be shaken;
    as no man entering therein shall totter.
  66. For no enemy shall enter into her gates
    since its doors shall be doors of protection,
    through which no man shall pass;
    and its bolted bars shall be firm,
    as no man shall break them.
  67. No troop shall enter in with weapons of war,
    until all the arrows of wicked wars come to an end.
  68. Then, at the time of Judgement, the Sword of Elohiym shall hasten,
    and all the children of His truth shall awaken to overthrow wickedness,
    and the Children of Iniquity shall be no more.
  69. The mighty shall bend his bow;
    the tower shall open the boundaries of the heavens
    and the eternal gates shall send their weapons of war.
  70. They shall be mighty from end to end [of the earth],
    and there shall be no escape for the guilty at heart in the battle;
    for they shall be trampled down to destruction without remnant.
  71. There shall be no hope in the abundance of their corpses
    — no refuge for the mighty ones of war!;
    for the battle shall be to Elohiym Elyon […].
  72. — Hoist a banner, O you, who lie in the dust!
    — O bodies, gnawed by worms,
    raise up an ensign for the destruction of the arrogant!;
  73. For their paths were wicked in the wars of the ungodly.
  74. And when the overflowing scourge passes by,
    it will not enter into the tower […]
  75. […] Your truth […]
    for mortar and as a beam […]
  76. […]
  77. […] truth […] 
  78. As for me, I am speechless from their disasters,
    […] these things;
    they shall curse me.
  79. […] my arm is torn at the shoulder,
    and my foot has sunk in the mire.
  80. My eyes are sealed by the spectacle of evil,
    and my ears from the crying of bloodshed.
  81. My heart is dismayed by the mischievous design;
    for Belial is manifest
    when the true nature of their being is revealed!
  82. All the foundations of my frame crumble,
    and my bones are pulled out of joint;
  83. My bowels heave like a ship in a violent tempest,
    and my heart roars as to destruction.
  84. A whirlwind devours me
    because of the disasters of their transgression.

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Direct Sources of this Translation:

Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English:
A New Translation:
Qumran Psalter:

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