Ancient Text Confirms Ron Wyatt’s 1982 Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

[It is always the general rule of thumb not to solely take the author’s word throughout the following study, but to pray and seek the face of Yahuah for one’s self, and let the Spirit lead you into all truth (John 16:13-15).]

Ron Wyatt’s 1982 discovery of the Ark of the Covenant has sadly been a topic littered with skepticism and nay-sayers throughout the years — even amongst fellow Believers! May the evidence be made clear, and the record set straight: Ron Wyatt’s testimony is indeed truth, and confirmed through a little-known ancient text, the Book of the Lives of the Prophets.

Wyatt claims the Ark was found through what’s known as Jeremiah’s Grotto, the back end of Golgotha (also referred to and known in the days of Adam as the Cave of Treasures): This is the place where our Lord Yahushua was crucified; what the ancient texts prove to reveal to be the Center and Foundation of the Earth: In truth (outside of tradition), this is the place Abraham willing went to sacrifice Isaac as a shadow of Messiah, bearing the ram caught in the thicket to take his place (the true Temple Mount). The altar of Melchizedek stood here. This is also the place where our first patriarchs were laid to rest, from Adam through the Sons of Seth (these being mere examples of many more cornerstones to our faith and Kingdom future).

So Let’s see the ancient scriptural evidence:

As found on the Ron Wyatt Family Website, Ron’s case of scriptural evidence (to the best he could likely understand back then, before the days of the internet) is made. 2 Maccabees 2:4-8 being one of the foundational points, as giving clue to the mystery of what happened to Ark. Of course, to anyone familiar with Wyatt’s testimony, his finding perfectly runs parallel — and even fulfills! — what we read of the Ark in 2 Maccabees, from the possession of Jeremiah (may the reader understand). 

What is not quite as known nor understood is that this obscure text, the Lives of the Prophets also perfectly runs parallel — and even fulfills — Ron’s testimony; yet to an even more detailed and blatantly undeniable degree!:

What we read of in the Life of Jeremiah from these historical — and even astoundingly prophetic passages found within the text, truly needs no further explanation than what’s presented in the photo directly below. I’d like to encourage the read to view the PDF to absorb the full context.

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Please let it be understood, the purpose of raising up the name Ron Wyatt is not for our dear brother in Christ’s (who has since passed on) glory, but for the glory of Elohiym the Most High’s glory: As clearly, no person can possible do what Ron Wyatt accomplished in merely three years, let alone a life-time, without the presence and calling of God. May His holy name, grace and faithfulness be praised and lifted up!  

Publicly released presentations from the Wyatt family concerning his story, testimony, and even prophecies given regarding the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant:

“Mary Nell on Ron Wyatt and the Ark of the Covenant”

“The ARK and the BLOOD The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant”

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  1. I would like a book about Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

  2. Ive seen many photos of Rons discovies and i whole heartedly believe it but i have never seen a pic of the showbread table, and the ark of the covenant. He himself said when he took a pic he couldnt get a clear one so i have to ask where did yiur get these pics?

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