Psalm 180 (Lost Psalm of David)

[It is always the general rule of thumb not to solely take the author’s word throughout these studies, but to pray and seek the face of Yahuah for one’s self, and let the Spirit lead you into all truth (John 16:13-15).]

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Reasoning Behind the Numerical Ordering
The numbering of these psalms of course should not be accounted as per se “official”. Following suit with the commonly known apocryphal Psalms 151-160; these psalms also plucked from the Dead Sea Scrolls, have different numbering depending on the original source you refer to (e.g. Psalms 151-155 being canonized in the Syriac, are not necessarily numbered as the same psalms when referring to the commonly accepted collective of Psalms 151-160). For the sake of simple clarity, continuing on in the Psalm 161 chronological general collective seems to be the only obvious step to move forward in, in an all-sincere attempt to rightfully divide, preserve, and freely share what is obviously Yahuah’s Inspired written Word. 

Originally Recovered from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hymns of Thanksgiving (1QHa, 1Q35, 4Q427-432):

This translation has been derived from:

Hymn  15: “Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English”
Hymn 20: “A New Translation”
Hymn 19: “Qumran Psalter”

Psalm 180

  1. I thank You, O Yahuah,
    for You have upheld me by my strength;
    You have elevated Your Holy Spirit over me
    that I may not stumble.
  2. You have strengthened me
    in the face of the battles of wickedness;
  3. For during all their devastations 
    You did not permit me to become shattered,
    so that fear might cause me to desert Your Covenant.
  4. You have set me as a strong tower
    — a high wall —
    You have established my frame upon rock,
    and eternal foundations for my footing.
  5. All my ramparts are a tried wall,
    which shall not be shaken.
  6. You have placed me, O Elohai,
    among the weary branches of the Holy Council.
  7. You have established my mouth in Your Covenant,
    as my tongue is in accordance to Your disciples;
  8. Yet there is no mouth for the spirit of disaster,
    nor a reply for any to the Sons of Iniquity
    — for the lying lips shall be speechless.
  9. For all those who assail me You will condemn in judgement,
    so that through me,
    You might divide between the righteous and ungodly.
  10. For You know the whole intent of a creature,
    and every reply You discern.
  11. You have established my heart according to Your disciples,
    and according to Your truth;
    directing my steps straight into paths of righteousness,
  12. That I may walk in Your presence in the land of the living;
    into paths of glory, life, and peace without turning,
    and never ceasing.
  13. For You know the inclination of Your servant,
    that I have no relied upon the works of my hands;
    that my heart not exalt itself
    — taking shelter in my own strength.
  14. I have no refuge in the flesh,
    […] nor righteous deeds to be delivered before You
    without forgiveness.
  15. I lean on the abundance of Your mercies,
    and hope for the greatness of Your lovingkindness;
  16. Awaiting, as You bring forth buds of salvation,
    causing a plant to blossom, and the branch to growth;
    providing refuge in the shoot of Your power,
    [raising up my heart].
  17. For in Your righteousness
    You have appointed me to stand for Your Covenant;
  18. I will hold fast in Your truth,
    [going forth in Your ways;]
    [for you allowed me to have insight.]
  19. For You have made me a father to the Sons of Grace,
    and as a foster-father to men of marvel;
  20. They have opened their mouths wide like sucklings to the breast,
    and like the babe who delights in the lap of its guardian. 
  21. You have lifted my horn above all who condemn me,
    as the remnant of those who warred against me are shattered.
  22. Those who persecute me are as chaff before the wind,
    and my dominion is over the those grafted in to Your Covenant.
  23. O Elohai,
    You have helped my soul,
    — exalting my horn on high!
  24. And I shall shine in a seven-fold light,
    which You have established for Your glory.
  25. For You are to me an everlasting heavenly light;
    establishing my foot in the uprightness of level ground,
    [for ever].

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Direct Sources of this Translation:

Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English:
A New Translation:
Qumran Psalter:

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