An Ascent of Seth

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An Ascent of Seth

O Lord, for all You created is but jealousy
out of the seventh
to the eighth, ninth, and tenth (heavens).

Be not angry with Your servants
remembering that we are but dust.

To the light of Elijah
from the light shown unto upon Moses
may Your glory be known
to all Your creatures who wish to stamp You out
to serve as a sign and a wonder.

For Christ came
that He might destroy the works of the Devil
—for You have set Your king upon Your holy hill.

In wrath
You have sent forth Your word
things the heathen have never heard
—for they will be confounded.

In wrath, remember mercy!…
surely all of Your creation will bow at Your coming.

May the rocks cry out!:
“Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!”

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