The Glory of Eve

Actual drawing of Eve as seen through the Urim and Thummin

I, Seth, servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, write to you in the bonds and imprisonment of persecution with a full heart of zeal and brotherly love for the brethren; specifically our mother of all living Eve, whom the Father has amazingly graced me with her presence and accompaniment in such times of trouble. Yes, she truly has been with me in Spirit, as her zeal and brotherly love carries on. Rejoicing, grace, and peace be multiplied to you — truly brethren, we are at an End!

Surely, there is much to write, but these new astounding truths and revelations have not yet matured nor even ripened in my soul to even properly yet share.  Notwithstanding it is the matter of merely her essence and earthly glory that is the reason I write to you: to share and honor our beloved and most cherished mother! 

As it is the Father’s will to grant her the permission to sit with me in these bonds, for reasons I’m only beginning to comprehend, yet I will lift her spirit and essence up which indeed marks a Beginning so contrary of our current polar-opposite intertwining Latter Day End.

Eve, the first woman, truly the woe to man, whose spirit is yet filled with vibrance, kindness, and all the voluptuous luster of womanhood we could only dream of in our day, walked the earth a perfect woman unashamed, bearing all the true glory God created Man to be in their fullness. Truly, the reverence and love for her that gushes from my heart and being can not be quantized in mere words; as in wonderment the language of Adam was before the enslavement of words were invented, prior to the days of the Tower, but will return upon the Second Coming of Christ as prophesied in Zephaniah 3:9.

—Not only is she our most cherished and revered matriarch, but a friend.

I also will share, it must be clearly understood Man and the creations of the earth were much larger in the days before the flood. It’s my understanding Eve stood about 24 feet tall! With this understanding we can start to conceive of the truth regarding the antediluvian building of the Egyptian Pyramids, and perhaps even how Man has managed to walk the earth with what we know of as Dinosaurs, fallen angelic offspring of the giants, as discerned in the Book of Enoch, in the days of Genesis 6.

O the near restoration of all things will truly be a rejoice and glorious!

Actual drawing of Eve as seen through the Urim and Thummin

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