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Names of the Jewels of Aaron’s Ephod (Armenian Apocrypha)


Apocalypse of Abraham (James H. Charlseworth with Notes)

Apocalypse of Abraham (Translation from the Slavonic Text w/ Notes)

Apocalypse of Abraham (Side-by-Side Translations)

Testament of Abraham

Testament of Abraham (James H. Charlesworth)

Writings of Abraham (Complete)

Acts 29 (Lost chapter from the Book of the Acts of the Apostles)

Adam and Eve

Armenian Adamic Apocrypha

“2 Fragments Relating to Adam” and “Adam’s Words Unto Seth” (Study Edition)

Adam’s Words Unto Seth (Armenian Apocrypha)

The 12 Gifts Lost by Adam (Armenian Apocrypha)

Armenian Book of Adam

Concerning the Death of Adam (Armenian Apocrypha)

Concerning the Good Tidings of Seth, to Which We Ought to Give Ear (Armenian Apocrypha)

Descendants of Adam (Armenian Apocrypha)

History of Abel and Cain, the Sons of Adam (Armenian Apocrypha)

History of the Expulsion of Adam from the Garden (Armenian Apocrypha)

History of the Repentance of Adam and Eve, the First Created Ones, and How They Did It (Armenian Apocrypha)

Standard Adamic Apocrypha

1rst Book of Adam and Eve

2nd Book of Adam and Eve

Apocalypse of Adam (Nag Hammadi Library)

Apocalypse of Adam (James H. Charlesworth)

Adam Octipartite

Testament of Adam

Testament of Adam (James H. Charlesworth)

The Life of Adam and Eve Collection

     Life of Adam and Eve Collection Forward
     Greek Apocalypse of Moses
     Latin Life of Adam and Eve
     Slavic Book of Eve
     Gregorian Book of Adam

Life of Adam and Eve Coptic Fragments

Life of Adam and Eve (Definitive Critical Edition)

Life of Adam and Eve (James H. Charlesworth)

Words of Ahiqar (James H. Charlesworth)

Testament of Amram (Dead Sea Scrolls)

Angels/Archangels and Stars

Angelology Text 2 (Armenian Apocrypha)

He Counts the Multitude of the Stars (Armenian Apocrypha)

Names of Angels (Armenian Apocrypha)

The Praise of the Angels (Armenian Apocrypha)

Questions Concerning Angels (Armenian Apocrypha)

Questions Concerning Archangels (Armenian Apocrypha)

Ranks of the Angels (Armenian Apocrypha)

The Apostles’ Creed

Letter of Aristeas (James H. Charlesworth)

Aristobulus (James H. Charlesworth)

Artapanus (James H. Charlesworth)

Ark of the Covenant

What are the Dimensions of the Ark (Armenian Apocrypha)

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