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Balaam, Son of Beor

Balaam Text from Deir ‘Alla

The Balaam Text from Tell Deir ‘Alla (Cook Translation)
The Balaam Text from the Deir ‘Alla Text (Jo Ann Hackett Translation)

Barlaam and Joasaph

Slavonic Version

Slavonic Story of Barlaam and Joasaph
The Tale of Barlaam and Joasaph (Slavonic Apocrypha – Parallel Version)


Apocryphal Acts

Apocryphal Acts of Barnabas


The General Epistle of Barnabas

Martyrdom of Barsamya, the Bishop of the Blessed City Edessa


Treatise of Barsalibi Against the Melchites (Woodbrooke Studies)


Gospel (Questions) of Bartholomew

Gospel (Questions) of Bartholomew
Gospel of Bartholomew (Anonymous Translation)
Gospel of Bartholomew (Complete Manuscripts)

Baruch the Scribe, Son of Neriah

Book of (1) Baruch

1 Baruch
1 Baruch (1560 Geneva)
1 Baruch (1611 KJV)
1 Baruch (NRSV w/ Study Notes)
Book of Baruch (Apocrypha LXX Septuagint Translation)

2 Baruch

2 Baruch (James H. Charlesworth)

3 Baruch

3 Baruch (Greek Apocalypse of Baruch)
3 Baruch (James H. Charlesworth)

4 Baruch

4 Baruch (Things Omitted from Jeremiah the Prophet) (James H. Charlesworth)

5 Baruch

The Ethiopic Apocalypse of Baruch, or 5 Baruch

Baruch’s Revelation (Apocrypha and Legends from Ukrainian Manuscripts | Ukrainian Apocrypha)

Book of Baruch by (Gnosis) Justin

Book of Baruch by Justin (Meyer Translation)


Basilides (Seven Sermons of the Dead)
The Gospel of Basilides

Bastian Belaborment Methathodonia

Record of Bastian Belaborment Methathodonia

(the) Beatitudes 

The Beatitudes (Dead Sea Scolls)

Benjamin the Patriarch, Son of Jacob

The Lost Prophecy of Benjamin Given by His Father Jacob (What Has Been Edited Out from Genesis 49:27) | For the complete prophecies see The Lost Prophecies of the Twelve Patriarchs and Their Sister Dinah, Given by Their Father Jacob (What Has Been Edited Out from Genesis 49) in Patriarchs under P.]

Testament of Benjamin

Ukrainian Version
Testament of Patriarch Benjamin (Apocrypha and Legends from Ukrainian Manuscripts| Ukrainian Apocrypha)

Book of the Bee

Book of the Bee

Bruce Codex

The Books of Jeu and the Untitled Text in the Bruce Codex (Complete Book) 
[Please see J for the complete 1rst and 2nd Books of Jehu]
Fragment of a Gnostic Hymn (from the 1rst Book of Jehu | Bruce Codex)
Fragment on the Passage of the Soul (from the 2nd Book of Jehu | Bruce Codex)
Untitled Text (Bruce Codex)

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