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Seventh Vision of Daniel

The Seventh Vision Daniel (Armenian Monastery of St Lazarus 1910)
Seventh Vision of Daniel (Sergio La Porta Translation)

Fourteenth Vision of Daniel

The Fourteenth Vision of Daniel (Frederic Macler Translation)

Apocalypse of Daniel

Apocalypse of Daniel (James H. Charlesworth)

Apocryphal Additions to the Book of Daniel

Prayer of Azariah / Song of the Three Children

(Daniel 3:24-90)
Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Young Men
Song of the Three Holy Children (1560 Geneva)
Song of the Three Holy Children (1611 KJV)

Susanna and the Elders

(Daniel 1:1 prologue in early Greek manuscripts; chapter 13 in the Vulgate)
Susanna and the Elders
History of Susanna (1560 Geneva)
History of Susanna (1611 KJV)

Baal and the Dragon

(after Daniel 12:13 in Greek, an epilogue; chapter 14 in the Vulgate)
Bel and the Dragon
History of Bel and of the Dragon (1560 Geneva)
History of the Destruction of Bel (1611 KJV)

A Daniel Pseudepigraphon Paraphrased by Papias
Story of Daniel (Armenian Apocrypha)

King David

Aramaic Song of the Lamb (Dialogue between David and Goliath)
David Apocalypse
Principle of the Selenodromion of David the Prophet and His Son Solomon


Exorcistic Psalms of David and Solomon
More Psalms of David (Psalms 151-155) (James H. Charlesworth)
Psalms 151-160
The Self-Glorification Hymn Composite (James H. Charlesworth)
Uncanonical Psalms of David (Woodbrooke Studies)

Songs of David/Psalm 156 Found?

LOST PSALM OF DAVID: “Psalm 156 Found?” (James H Charlesworth)
Songs of David (aka by Chareswoth’s ‘Psalm 156 Found?’) [alt. translation] 

Story of David

The Slavonic Life of David
Story of David (Armenian Apocrypha)
Story of David (Irish Apocrypha)

Demetrius the Chronogrpaher (James H. Charesworth)
The Didache (aka The Teachings of the Apostles)
The Rebellion of Dimas

The Didache (Teachings of the Twelve Apostles)

Didache (Teachings of the Twelve Apostles)

Draumkvedet (The Dream Poem)
The Incredible Vision of Drythelm (Medieval Irish Apocrypha)

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