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Sefer HaBahir (Book of Illumination)

Habib the Deacon

[Also see Mar Jacob under M]
Martyrdom of Habib the Deacon (Ancient Syriac Documents)
Oration on Habib the Martyr, Composed by Mar Jacob (Ancient Syriac Documents)

Pseudo-Hecataeus (James H. Charlesworth)


Another Prophecy Written by Hadar and Melech

Book of Hadar / The Shulemna

The Book of Hadar, the Companion of Melech and Abigdor
The Shulemna (aka Book of Hadar | Mormon version) 

(the) Hebrews

Gospel of the Hebrews

Gospel of the Hebrews (Other Bible Translation)


Hebrew Visions of Hell and Paradise

In What Manner is the Punishment of the Grave? (Ketsad Din Ha-Qever)
Tractate on Gehinnom (Masseket Gehinnom)
Treatise on the Work of Creation (Baraita De-Ma’aseh Bereshit)

Hellenistic Synagogal Prayers (James H. Charlesworth)

Shepherd of Hermas

Shepherd of Hermas (Roberts Donaldson Translation)
Shepherd of Hermas (JP Lightfoot Translation)

King Herod

Letter of Herod to Pilate (see Pilate for correspondence)

Hezekiah and Manasseh (Armenian Apocrypha)

(on the) Hours and Days

The Hours of the Day and Night (Armenian Apocrypha)
Concerning the Names of the 24 Hours of the Day and Night (Armenian Apocrypha)


Hystaspes, Oracles of (Encyclopaedia Iranica)
Oracles of Hystaspes (New Translation and Introduction)

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