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1 Maccabees

1 Maccabees
1 Maccabees (1560 Geneva)
1 Maccabees (1611 KJV)

2 Maccabees

2 Maccabees
2 Maccabees (1560 Geneva)
2 Maccabees (1611 KJV)

3 Maccabees

3 Maccabees
3 Maccabees (James H. Charlesworth)

4 Maccabees

4 Maccabees
4 Maccabees (James H. Charlesworth)

5 Maccabees

5 Maccabees

6 Maccabees

6 Maccabees

7 Maccabees

7 Maccabees

8 Maccabees 

8 Maccabees

The Magi

[Note: Bereans, prayerfully consider: The premise of Acts 10:36-37 scripturally refutes any legends of Christ doing miracles or ministry efforts before His baptism by John.] 
Adoration of the Magi
Aneddote Concerning the Magi (Irish Apocrypha)
Concerning the Star; Showing How and Through What the Magi Recognized the Star, and That Joseph Did Not Take Mary As His Wife
Legend of the Aphroditianus on the Magi and the Star
The Magi (Irish Apocrypha)
Revelation of the Magi (Summary and Introduction)


Prayer of Manasseh

Prayer of Manasseh
Prayer of Manasseh (James H. Charlesworth)
Prayer of Manasseh (1560 Geneva)
Prayer of Manasseh (1611 KJV)

(Writings of the) Mandaeans

[For the Mandaean Book of John and other related content, please see John the Baptist under J]

Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans

Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans (1959)

The Ginza Rba

The Ginza Rba (Excerpts from the Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans)

The Haran Gawaitha

The Haran Gawaitha (Drower Translation)

Misc Fragments

[Other fragments regarding Adam can be found in their appropriate placing under A]
Bliss and Peace (Mandaean Prayers)
Messenger of Light Creates the Way of Salvation (Mandaean Prayers)
The Soul’s Deliverance (Mandaean Prayers)
The Soul in Its Coat of All Colors (Mandaean Prayers Excerpt from Ginza)
Wrapped in Sleep (Mandaean Prayers)
Song of Ascent (Mandaean Prayers)

Mandaean Salvation and Ethics (Collected Fragments)

Mar Jacob

A Homily on Guria and Shamuna (Composed by Mar Jacob)
Homily on Habib the Martyr (Composed by Mar Jacob)
Martyrdom of the Holy Confessors Shamuna, Guria, and Habib, from Simeon Metaphrastes

Mark the Apostle

Gospel of Mark 10 with the Secret Gospel Fragments Included
All the Endings of Mark 16
Discovering the Life and Writings of Saint Mark (Collected Works)
The Life of the Evangelist Mark
Secret Gospel of Mark

Mary of Magdala

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (Mary Magdalene Fragments)

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The COMPLETE Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Reconstructed Price Translation) 

Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Interlinear)
Gospel of Mary with the Greek Gospel of Mary (King Translation)
Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Marvin Meyer)
Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Papyrus)
Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Standard)

The Greater Questions of Mary
Here Beginneth the Life of Mary of Egypt
Life of Mary Magdalene
Excerpt from the Pistis Sophia (Marvin Meyer)
A Song of Mary Magdalene from the Manichaen Psalms of Heracleides (Marvin Meyer)

Testimony and Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Testimony (and Gospel) of Mary (Original John W. Bryant Translation)
The Testimony and Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Updated)

Virgin Mary

The Apocalypse of the Holy Mother of God Concerning the Chastisements
The Falling Asleep of (the Virgin) Mary
Gospel of the Birth of Mary
Lament of the Virgin (Woodbrooke Studies)
Life of the Virgin Mary (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)
Passing of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Transitus Mariae (Irish Apocrypha)
Walking of the Virgin of Sorrows (Slavonic Apocrypha)

(the Sunday) Mass

The Virtues of Bearing Mass (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)
The Virtues of Seeing Christ’s Body (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)

Apostle Matthew

Matthew 23.39 & 24 as Translated and Restored by Prophet Joseph Smith (Pearl of Great Price Version)
Gospel of the Nazarenes (Hebrew Gospel of Matthew)

Pseudo Infancy Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew (Gnostic Library)

The Epistle of Mathetes or Diognetus

Archangel Michael

The Investiture of the Archangel Michael

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabic of Kremna


Book of Remembrance of Melchizedek
The Exaltation of Melchizedek (Obscure Excerpts from 2 Enoch)

Melchizedek (Nag Hammadi Library)

Melchizedek (Nag Hammadi | Giversen & Pearson Translation)
Melchizedek (Nag Hammadi | Pearson Translation)

Story of Melchizedek (w/ the Melchizedek Legend from the Chronicon Paschale)

Prophet Melech (& Hadar)

Prophecies of Melech (Revised, Extract from Book of the Book of the Two Pearls)
Another Prophecy Written by Hadar and Melech


The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (1880)
Eighth Book of Moses (Recension A and B Comparison)
The Archangelic Book by Moses the Prophet (Translated from the Greek)

Book of Moses (Prophet Joseph Smith)

History of the Book Moses
Book of Moses (Pearl of Great Price Version)
The Book of Moses and the Joseph Smith Translation Manuscripts (Complete)

The Greatness of Moses (Gedulat Moshe)
History of Moses (Armenian Apocrypha)
Legend of “Hear O Israel” (Haggadat Shema Yisra’el)
Mosaic Writings from the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Shapira Manuscript
Slavonic Life of Moses
Story of Moses (Armenian Apocrypha)

The Sword of Moses

The Sword of Moses (A New Translation)
The Sword of Moses (Original Edition 14th Century and New Edition 2016)

Testament / Assumption of Moses

Assumption / Testament of Moses
Testament of Moses (James H. Charlesworth)

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