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Account of the Emperor Adrian and Spiritual Epotis (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)
An Account to Explain how the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are One (Selections from the Hengwrt)
Admonition Associated with the Flood (Dead Sea Scrolls)
An Untitled Gnosis Scripture
Arabic Document (Apocrypha Syriaca)


The Blessed Oil (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)
Book of the Great Invisible Light (John W. Bryant)
Bown of Hamtoun (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)


Discourse on the 8th and 9th

Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth (Brashler, Dirkse, and Parrott Translation)
Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth (Meyer Translation)


Excerpt from the Perfect Discourse (Meyer Translation)
Exegesis on the Soul (Meyer Translation)


Food for the Soul (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)
Fragments of Pseudo-Greek Poets (James H. Charlesworth)


Gests of Charlemagne (Selections from the Hengwrt Mss)
Gospel Harmony (Dura Parchment 24)


The Heartless Rich Man and the Precious Stone
From the History of the Jewish War by Joseph Flavia (Slavonic Apocrypha – Parallel Version)
A Homily on the Passion and the Resurrection


The Israelites in Egypt (Armenian Apocrypha)


Kebra Nagast (Book of the Glory of the Kings)


The Letter from Heaven
Levels of Light


Mother’s Lament at the Slaughter of the Innocents
Mystical Sayings (Excerpt from Book of the Two Pearls)


On the Anointing
On the Baptism (A)
On the Baptism (B)
On the Eucharist (A)
On the Eucharist (B)

On the Origin of the World

On the Origin of the World (Bethge and Layton Translation)
On the Origin of the World (Meyer Translation)


The Power of Women (Irish Apocrypha)
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Principles of the New Covenant (John W. Bryant)
Psalms from the Lighted Path (Annals of Elohim)


The Book of the Seers
The Sacred Stone
A Scary Story and Very Useful (Medieval Apocrypha)
The Secret of Life (A gnosis excerpt from Book of Two Pearls)
Sentences of the Syriac Menander (James H. Charlesworth)
From Shestodnev by John the Exarch of Bulgaria (Slavonic Apocrypha – Parallel Version)
Slavonic Book of Doves
Slavonic Book of Doves (Original Text Source)
Syriac Hymn (Apocrypha Syriaca)


The Teachings of the Elders


Vision of the Monk of Bernicia

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