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(Corrupted Writings of) the Essenes

Essene Gospel of Peace

[Compiler’s Note: Prayerfully consider, The Essene Gospel of Peace has been recognized — thanks mainly to the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit — as a corrupted and heretical gospel. The biblical principles of healing coming from the Father, and heaven and earth passing away, and thus a new heaven and a new earth to be made manifest, is not only doctrinally disregarded, but theologically taught against! These texts, believed to be at their source once holy, precious and doctrinally sound, are shown to be corrupted, and over-all quite deceptive and heretical at their foundation. Though a particular writing may not necessarily be “overtly heretical” per-say, their affiliations assuredly are. In rare cases, the writings that are clearly not heretical and Inspired (e.g. “Vision of Enoch: The Most Ancient Revelation”) have been placed in their proper name/topical category.]
Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1
Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 2
Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 3
Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4

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