The Book of Enoch [Audio and Video Book]

Free downloadable apocrypha audio and video books:


Non-Dramatized Versions:

Free MP3 Download: Laurence Translation (Cepher Reading 2020)

Free MP3 Download: New Modern Translation w/ All Missing Texts!)

Free MP3 Download: RH Charles Translation (Female Voice)

Free MP3 Download: High Quality Male English Voice

Free MP3 Download: (Male Voice; w/ Additions and Cross References)

Dramatized Version (Narrated by Jake Grant):

Free Dramatized MP3 Download (Narrated by Jake Grant)

Free Non-Dramatized Video Download (Version 1, Female Voice)

Free Non-Dramatized Video Download (Version 2, Male Voice; with Additions and Cross References)

Free Apocrypha Audio and Video Book Archive

Free Apocrypha PDF Archive


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